Eat 72 Hot Dogs and Pay the Price. Or Not.

Eat this many hot dogs and you'll pay the price

The Real Cost of Eating 72 Hot Dogs Like Joey Chestnut Did on July 4

Now THAT’s a title that caught my eye.  Can you imagine?  72 hot dogs?!

The Real Cost of Eating 72 Hot Dogs Like Joey Chestnut Did on July 4

Are you familiar with The Penny Hoarder?  If not, I encourage you to take a look.  It is a website, the goal of which is to…

“…improve the lives of everyday folks by helping them
spend less time worrying about their finances
and more time enjoying their lives.”


In this particular article we are introduced to the rebate site ibotta as a means of saving money when purchasing groceries.  Have you heard of it?  (I had not.)  If so, I’d love to know what you think of it (please comment below).  You may want to investigate it, as I am currently doing, because with ibotta you can earn cash back all over the place, including 5% on Amazon.  Not bad!

While this work from home eCommerce site focuses on the resources available to learn to earn an income online from the comfort of ANYWHERE, it’s good to think about ways to save the money we work so hard for.

Anyway, this article The Real Cost of Eating 72 Hot Dogs Like Joey Chestnut Did on July 4 is as entertaining as it is informative.  I suppose Joey has earned a “congratulations“.  More power to him, I suppose.


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