Proven Amazon Course: Snooze and You’ll Lose!

Jim Cockrum Proven Amazon Course

Hi to my wfh wannabe friends!

For those of you who are selling on Amazon or thinking of doing so, you need to know, Jim Cockrum, the gentleman above, is currently spreading this news regarding his Proven Amazon Course.


Proven Amazon Course (PAC) is about to go up “drastically in price”.


I was lucky enough to “get in” when it still cost $297 and it is by far the best investment I’ve made in my eCommerce online education.  The current price is a (whopping) $349.  I say whopping because even at that price you will NOT believe what you’ll find in this course.  I have no idea as to what the actual value of this course is (as in how many thousands of dollars) if you were to buy each training module separately.  But I have no doubt that even as the price increases “drastically” it will still be worth much more.

Not familiar with PAC?  I could create an outline of all the training provided under the PAC “umbrella” but I wouldn’t do it justice.  The best way to explore your options is to go see for yourself.  The Proven Amazon Course is by far the most comprehensive series of trainings you’ll find anywhere.  Content is continually added and updated.  The ongoing support is vast and varied, some of it free.  See here and here.  And that’s just for starters.  I can point you to more free PAC content if you’re interested.  Just ask!


Of course you need testimonials.  You need proof.


Don’t just take my word for it…

Jim Cockrum often councils people exploring online educational programs to dig deep and search out testimonials.  Don’t settle for just a few.  Does the training you’re currently researching have 6 great testimonials on their website?  Or thousands?  What if you could ask the almost 39,000 members of his free Facebook group what they think of his training?  As of this moment in time, this Facebook group is 6 members shy of an amazing 39K members.  WOW!



Enough said I think.  If you’re a work from home wannabe, or you’re selling on eBay with an eye toward selling Amazon, or even if you already sell on Amazon but want to boost your bottom line, this is the time to explore PAC.

Warning!  You snooze you lose.  While the PAC will always available, as of August 2nd you’ll have to pay much more for it.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉



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