Proven Private Label 2.0: Private Label the Easy Way

Proven Private Label the Easy Way

Introducing Proven Private Label 2.0: Private Label the Easy Way!

Question for you: Do you currently sell on Amazon and if so, are looking for ways to boost your sales?  

That seems like a silly question doesn’t it?  Who wouldn’t want to boost sales?

Here’s another question for you: Have you checked out Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course (PAC) yet?

If you’re selling on Amazon and have not heard of Jim Cockrum, dare I say I think you’ve been living under a rock?

Come on out from under there!  If nothing else you need to take a look at all that is offered under one comprehensive “umbrella” educational training site.  You will be amazed at what you find.  You can waste a log of money following “gurus” as they find new ways to help you spend thousands of dollars to boost your sales.  Or, you can get more bang for your hard earned bucks with the PROVEN Amazon course.  You’ll spend thousands LESS in the process.

One of the courses offered under the PAC “umbrella” is called Proven Private Label 1.0 (PPL 1.0).  It is offered at NO additional charge when you join PAC.

But that’s old news to some of us.  NOW Jim Cockrum and his partner Brett Bartlett are offering an updated version of the course called Proven Private Label 2.0 (PPL 2.0).

Here is a message from Jim Cockrum.  He explains it better than anyone…

“This is an entirely different way to look at selling on Amazon that you probably haven’t considered yet and it worked amazingly well for so many of our earliest students (in PPL 1.0)!

You see, if you know where to look, Amazon will tell you EXACTLY what high margin, zero competition, easily located products you should sell on their site for huge margins.

Brett has an entire team working for him doing just that – all day every day and he’s built an 8 figure business using ONLY this strategy.

Brett’s team doesn’t spend their days looking for products to sell. They instead spend their days systematically uncovering the potentially millions of “golden gaps” in the Amazon catalog.

We’ll close the doors on this soon just like we had to do the last time we offered this course a couple months ago. We will only allow in as many students as we can easily support with our team of ten highly trained “golden gap” experts. These experts are actually on Brett’s team – they do this for a living!

The “golden gaps” strategy course is easily worth thousands but we are practically giving it away b/c there’s virtually unlimited potential and we want YOUR Amazon selling success story!

Get details right here and practically STEAL this course at the lowest price you’ll ever see.”

So that’s the scoop.  Jim Cockrum and Brett Bartlett are offering PPL 2.0 to those who can’t wait to dig in.  But they’re telling us we need to act quick before they close the doors on this specific offer.  I’ve already done so.  They will hold the doors open until June 29, EST but if it fills up sooner (and it probably will), once the course is full you’ll be out of luck.

But if you’re thinking “wait a minute” I need more time”… just know you have options.100% guarantee

  1. If you know and trust Jim Cockrum as literally thousands (last count: 37, 682) of people in his FREE Facebook group do, you may want to jump on this offer right now before the doors close.  Or, you can…
  2. Read what Proven Private Label 2.0 is all about and at the bottom of the page you’ll see you have two offers.  If you’re not ready to take the course, check out the book “Private Label the Easy Way“.  If you REALLY want to boost your sales, this book will help you do just that.  Or, you can…
  3.  Join PAC now and find the first version Proven Private Label 1.0 (PPL 1.0) course inside for FREE.  The free version of PPL 2.0 will be added in late Fall 2017.  Or, you can…
  4. Miss the boat altogether while the rest of us tap into this training.  As Jim Cockrum is fond of saying, “the best time to plant a tree was yesterday”.  That said, the best time to invest in your business growth was yesterday.  If you didn’t do it then, do it now.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time I go in search of some “golden gaps” of my own.


“You don’t build a business – you build people – and then people build the business.”

~ Zig Zigler  

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